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I write about personal finance, credit cards and debt, saving, budgeting, money, insurance, retirement, investing, loans, pets, careers, freelancing, small business, and productivity.

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Falling in Love Cost Her $9,000: Telltale Signs of a Freeloading Boyfriend

The year was 2006. Sarah Li Cain had just graduated college… and was in love. Things were a’ changin’. Sarah had accepted a job offer in Australia.

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How Hoarding Can Hurt Your Finances

About 10 years ago, a good friend of mine was dating a woman who clearly had issues with hoarding.

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The Many Parallels of Physical and Financial Health

Blogger Jackie Lam discusses how financial and physical well-being can go hand-in-hand.

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Simple Tax Tips to Get Your Finances in Order Before Year End

Do yourself a favor and before the year winds down, add one more item to your holiday checklist: tax prep.

Budgeting shared expenses with roommates article

Budgeting Shared Expenses With Roommates

If you’re moving in with a roommate or significant other, make sure you account for regular expenses (and the odd surprise) in your budget. Here’s everything you’ll need to save for if you’re sharing your living situation with a friend or loved one.

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10 New Years Resolutions That Will Help Your Money Grow in 2017

When it comes to new year’s resolutions, you know the drill. We start with good intentions and then the enthusiasm quickly fizzles come mid-January.

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Grownup Packing Tips: When in Doubt, Leave It Out

When I traveled to Europe a few years ago, I learned the hard way not to pack everything.

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Walmart greeter, 80, gets $1,700 holiday surprise from community | KARE11.com

When 28-year-old Veronica Juneau first starting shopping at the Walmart in Elk River, Minn., earlier this year, she was met with a fist bump by Ray Belanger, the designated greeter.

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Siblings raise thousands for families in need

For 36-year-old Meridythe Alie and her three siblings, giving back to the community started with the family business.

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How this 22-Year-Old Donates 10% of Her Salary to Charity

While most college students struggle to pay for tuition and textbooks, 22-year-old Reagan Toal made it her mission to give at least 10% of her earnings to charitable causes this holiday season

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How Do You Manage Your Money When You're Homeless?

You see them huddled in clusters in freeway underpasses and sleeping on park benches or sidewalks. They stand in food lines of churches and food banks, eagerly awaiting that week’s pantry pull.

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6 Eclectic Holiday Gift Ideas for Frugal Grownups

Let’s face it: The holidays can be stressful. You’re dealing with travel, potential family drama, last-minute meal prep—and amid the end-of-year-frenzy, it’s far too easy for gift giving to sneak up on you.

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The Best Places to Live Abroad Temporarily

To those who dream of experiencing faraway locales without giving up the job and paycheck, life as a digital nomad makes the fantasy a real possibility.

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Want to Achieve C-Suite Status? Tap Into Your Inner Leadership Trait

You’ve gone beyond proving that you’re a star in your field. You survived grad school (although exams and student loans may still cause night terrors), advanced in your career and have notable achievements under your belt.

How to learn from a year   s worth of financial successes and setbacks article

How to Learn From a Year’s Worth of Financial Successes and Setbacks

By doing a personal year in review to see what worked for you money-wise, you can pinpoint what were your major wins and fails, and how you can improve for the year ahead.