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Jackie Lam

Financial writer

I write about personal finance, credit cards and debt, saving, money, insurance, retirement, investing, loans, careers, freelancing, small business, and productivity.

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Starting an Emergency Fund While on a Tight Budget

Don’t have a lot of money? Don’t panic! Blogger Jackie Lam shows how you can still build up an emergency fund on a tight budget.

How busy couples can achieve work life balance blog article

Busy and Coupled? Here's How to Strike a Greater Work-Life Balance

You’re ambitious and focused on your profession—and so is your significant other.

Broken relationships fb article
Business Insider

I visited the Museum of Broken Relationships with my ex

It’s date night at the Museum of Broken Relationships in Hollywood, and Patrick and I are poring over the museum’s collection, reading the stories attached to each artifact with lurid fascination.

Is that monthly subscripton service worth it %281%29 article

How to Know If Subscription Services Are Worth Paying For

From meals to video game loot to makeup, there’s no shortage of things you can receive in the mail on the regular.

Homemortgage bh 1 %281%29 article

Home Mortgage Loans: Is 20% Down Dated Advice?

If you’re ready to buy your first home, you’ve likely heard that a 20% down payment on a mortgage is pretty standard.

Kategilbert2 healthcarer article

U.S. Travelers Struggle to Find Health Care Options on the Road

In 2015, 27-year-old blogger Michelle Schroeder-Gardner and her husband, Wesley, sold their Kansas City, Mo., home and packed what they could fit into an RV.

Studentloan revised 1024x576 2 article

How This California Couple Paid Off $100,000 of Debt in 2 Years

When 31-year-old Priscilla Jones completed her MFA in film in 2011, she was left with a total of $96,000 of student loan debt from both her undergraduate and graduate studies.

Swapit article

Swap It, Don’t Stop It: How to Spend Less on Things You Love

If you’re prone to blowing your fun budget, you might have tried it all—from bailing on social plans with friends to going on a full-out spending fast—only to eventually fail miserably.

Bh leveled up article

Five Ways to Grow Your Money When You've Leveled Up Professionally

You’ve worked hard and have made strides in your career. Despite racking up some debt, including perhaps student loans, you’re climbing and may be even seen as a mover and a shaker.

6 things to remember when shopping online article

What to Remember When Shopping Online

Online shopping is easy, quick, and convenient, but it’s these characteristics that can also make your savings goals harder to achieve.

College fund article

How to Save for Your Child’s College Fund

If you have student debt of your own, you probably know just how important it is for your child’s future to have robust college savings.

How to keep saving article

Stay Motivated to Save, Even While You're Flush With Cash

It’s one thing to save money out of pure necessity, but another when things are going well and you’d rather enjoy your life than save for your long-term goals.

Blogheader 4bigways article

4 Big Ways to Give Back, While Boosting Your Personal Brand

There’s something pretty great about giving to those around you in need. Getting knee-deep with fellow do-gooders in a cause larger than yourself can score major feel-good vibes.

Self control with spending article

How to Manage Your Self-Control With Spending

When it comes to saving money, the struggle is real. You may put your best foot forward, but at times your efforts and goals can fall by the wayside.

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the Bold Italic

How a F**k-Off Fund Helped me Out of a Bad Relationship

A guy I once dated had this mantra: “I’ll do what I want, when I want.” This motto proved problematic when we’d get into epic battles over nitpicky matters, but admittedly, there was something compelling about the idea.