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Jackie Lam

Personal finance writer

I write about personal finance, credit cards and debt, saving, budgeting, money, insurance, retirement, investing, loans, pets, careers, freelancing, small business, and productivity.

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JPMorgan ChaseVoice: How Two Young Entrepreneurs Are Disrupting A Timeless Industry

JPMorgan ChaseVoice: How Two Young Entrepreneurs Ar...

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Greenwashing: What it is and what you can do

A hypothetical (but likely) scenario: You’re perusing the aisles at your favorite natural foods store.

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Price Check: How Much Would It Cost To Move To Canada?

Canada is calling to some Americans like a siren song.

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House to Home: Artist finds inspiration at home

A recipe for buying and renovating on a tight budget

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I'm a freelancer. Here's how I budget for cash flow problems

While freelancers such as myself can admittedly roll out of bed, turn on our laptops, and work in our PJs...

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Artist Draws Her Way Out Of $24,000 Debt

When graphic designer Kate Bingaman-Burt noticed her credit card debt piling up a few years back, she knew exactly what she had to do to get out of this hole she’d dug for herself: draw her statements.

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What You Need to Know About Retirement Planning and Changing Jobs

So you’re leaving your job for a better opportunity.

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Credit Card Debt Help for Couples With Different Spending Styles

If your credit card statements are making you cringe you’re not alone.

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Six Ways to Create Better Money Habits

When it comes to solid money habits, the rules are simple: earn more, spend less and invest

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10 Money Mantras That Will Flip Your Money Mindset | Chime Banking

When it comes to money goals, let’s face it: What you want to do and what you actually do can be two wildly different things.

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Credit Sesame

10 Ways to Get Ahead of Your Bills by a Month

Wouldn’t it be nice to have some money in the bank? An emergency fund relieves stress by allowing you to handle life’s curve balls as they happen.

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Trying to save? Here’s how to manage deprivation

Jackie Lam
PolicyGenius Contributor

So you’re dead set on saving. You’ve created a new budget, listed the amounts and deadlines for each savings goal, and feel a glowing sense of satisfaction as you jot it all down in your bullet journal.

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Friendship for Sale

I like making friends in unusual ways. I once made a friend in college by approaching him at the dining hall and asking him what he thought about color.

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Is renting a coworking space worth it for freelancers?

Jackie Lam
PolicyGenius Contributor

A few months ago, I was at a free trial day at a coworking space in downtown L.A. when my friend Aaron friend dropped in.

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Creator tips for building a successful Patreon community ...

If you’re a creator, chances are you’ve entertained fantasies of having legions of fans love your work and tossing big bucks your way.