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Jackie Lam

Personal finance writer

I write about personal finance, credit cards and debt, saving, budgeting, money, insurance, retirement, investing, loans, careers, freelancing, small business, and productivity.

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Ultimate guide holiday bonus article

The Ultimate Guide to Managing an End-of-Year Bonus

If you’ve been given an end-of-year bonus at work, you may be wondering how best to manage this extra cash. Here’s our guide to managing your end-of-year bonus.

Retire feature article
Credit Sesame

Retirement at 30: The Opportunities He Recognized to Make His Dream a Reality

Many of us have read about modern day financial trailblazers who reached early retirement in their 30s.

How far can your money go in different cities blog header article

Here's How Far Your Money Will Go in 7 Cities Millennials Are Moving to the Most

While relocating for a stellar career opportunity can give you great footing—and a sweeter paycheck—there’s much to consider before packing.

Sofi two sides new home or fixer upper header article

SoFi Two Sides: New Home or Fixer Upper?

When house hunting, you might have trouble deciding whether you want to buy new home or invest in a fixer-upper.

3stories article

3 Side Hustlers Share Their Best Money Management Tips

If you have a side hustle, you know just how useful—and maybe even essential—those extra dollars are each month when it comes to reaching your money goals.

1 roadtripdyer 1 article
Credit Sesame

I Lived in My Car for 8 Months to Embark on the Ultimate Road Trip: What I Spent

When Matt Dyer yearned to explore the lesser-traveled parts of the U.S. in 2009, he wanted to do it as cheaply as possible.

10 25 2016 bigpicture article

Survivor, Meet Wealth Builder

Budgeting is a great tool for keeping your daily spending in check, and keeping you on track to hit bigger goals.

Shutterstock 479897929 article

How to Plan Your End-of-Year Finances with Simple

While you’ve managed to handle money matters with relatively few snags this year (congrats, by the way), your end-of-the-year budget can be a beast of a different nature.

Homemortgage bh 1 %281%29 article

Your 12-Month Master Savings Plan to Buying Your First Home While Paying Down Your Student Loans

Not-so-breaking-news: home prices are on the rise, especially in large metro areas.

Your 7 step game plan to reach your first half million blog header article

Your Seven-Step Game Plan to Reach Your First Half-Million

So you want to be a millionaire. And with your killer drive and professional achievements, there’s no doubt you’ll get there in due time.

Stocksy txp82dbc910pzl000 medium 538507 866x500 article

Starting an Emergency Fund While on a Tight Budget

Don’t have a lot of money? Don’t panic! Blogger Jackie Lam shows how you can still build up an emergency fund on a tight budget.

How busy couples can achieve work life balance blog article

Busy and Coupled? Here's How to Strike a Greater Work-Life Balance

You’re ambitious and focused on your profession—and so is your significant other.

Broken relationships fb article
Business Insider

I visited the Museum of Broken Relationships with my ex

It’s date night at the Museum of Broken Relationships in Hollywood, and Patrick and I are poring over the museum’s collection, reading the stories attached to each artifact with lurid fascination.

Is that monthly subscripton service worth it %281%29 article

How to Know If Subscription Services Are Worth Paying For

From meals to video game loot to makeup, there’s no shortage of things you can receive in the mail on the regular.

Homemortgage bh 1 %281%29 article

Home Mortgage Loans: Is 20% Down Dated Advice?

If you’re ready to buy your first home, you’ve likely heard that a 20% down payment on a mortgage is pretty standard.